January Give Back: Freezin' For A Reason with Delaware Special Olympics' Polar Bear Plunge

Freezin' for a reason.  It's a great catch-phrase but what does it mean?  Who's freezing and what for? 

In Delaware each February, the reason is to support the Delaware Special Olympics.  Who's freezing is anybody brave enough to take a dip in the ocean- after paying the registration fee. 

That's right, you have to pay for the opportunity to freeze you a$$ off. 

But all the money goes to the Special Olympics, which makes it all worthwhile. 

I don't speak from experience on this, but only as an observer.  We go to Rehoboth Beach every year for Polar Bear Plunge weekend and each year they raise hundreds thousands of dollars (sometimes millions of dollars) through this event.  It's a fun atmosphere to be around. 

I contribute by running the Run To The Plunge 5k race that occurs the day prior to the plunge,  Occasionally my wife and/or daughter will get crazy and take the plunge, as my wife did this past weekend.  We were milling around the event area, pre-plunge.  She got hyped up due to the good vibes and warmer-than-normal temperatures, and ended up registering last minute.  Still, the air as 48 degrees and the water 42. She bought a pair of shorts, slapped them on and hit the sand. Booyah!

This month, Todd Fulginiti Music's 5% GiveBack goes to the Delaware Special Olympics.  Thanks to them and their crew for everything they do, and to everyone who helped their cause by taking the Polar Bear Plunge this weekend.

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